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Extreme swings and rotates you through the air at high speed. This high-velocity ride is sure to get the adrenaline pumping and is a must for any thrill seeking ride enthusiast!


Strap yourself in and get ready to experience some g-force as the Ranger takes you on a white knuckle spin. At the top of the cycle riders are upside down and 60ft in the air! Don't look down!


All aboard the Galleon! Only this ride doesn't go out to sea, it goes high in the sky before swinging back down. Get ready for butterflies in your stomach!


Fun Falaj

Take it easy, take in your surroundings, and take your time as you float effortlessly down the relaxing river. Sit in a tube and float calmly along the 314 meter long Fun Falaj.

Wadi Pool

Enjoy the Wadi pool with family and friends, perfect for playing games, taking a swim or sitting in the shallows and soaking up the sun. Wadi Pool is the heart of the waterpark.

Mahir's Pond

Mahir's Pond is for the youngsters in the park. The safe slide is so much fun that kids just keep running back to the top for another go! Parents can relax on the sun loungers and let the children have their fun!


Al Montazah Adventures - The UAE's first adventure park

3 courses, 55 stations, 100% safe and fun

The Low Ropes Course (GREEN & BLUE)

Presents opportunities for self-discovery, balance, and growth.

The High Ropes Course (RED)

Challenges participants to expand their comfort zones and grow undeniably more fearless.

Each course consists of several trees that are connected by different acrobatic elements. The park incorporates a sophisticated safety system using ropes; belay devices and harnesses with trained personnel supervising every participant.

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